About Us

Who are you?

I'm Tara. I'm a college student in Pennsylvania. I was born and raised in southwest Missouri. I'm miraculously attending a private college. This is due in large part to my abilities to get free money, find scholarships and take advantage of free offers and coupons that I find. A more frugal girl, you will never meet.

How do you find the best free samples?

It's a gift. I have developed it over many years. ... or I'm just really good with search engines and have various friends that tell me about really cool free product sample offers. Don't you worry about how I do it. The important thing is all the best free samples are found for you already. Just visit here daily for a minimum of two updates.

Are all these samples really sent straight to my mail?

Unless otherwise stated, yes. I have no printer and use the ones around campus to print my homework. Sadly, administrators frown on you downloading coupon bars on school networks (I have no idea why, as it would benefit them too) and so I must make do with clipping coupons and being sent coupons in the mail.

Obviously free product samples have to be sent through the mail, as I have yet to hear about objects transfering over the internet.

Ocassionally I will offer some deals that are not sent to your mail. These will not require a printer either though and would include things like free online games (IE: Diner Dash) or free trial memberships to certain websites.

Why do you not list coupons that are only printable?

It is my goal to provide samples, coupons and freebies to those without printers. Being one of these people I know how hard it can be to get that little extra bit off when everyone wants you to be able to print it nowadays. I feel for you and so I work for you.

If you want free printable coupons, browse the sidebars of my blog or use the 'Coupon' heading at the top. I will list printable coupon companies that I like in these places.

The link to a free sample doesn't work anymore! HELP!

Sorry. The samples may be gone or the sample period may have run out. Some things go fast so it's best to check back daily.

If you notice a sample is gone leave a comment telling me so I can mark it as ended. I try to check back periodically but there are a lot of samples and I only have so much time in a day. Thank you, in advance, for helping make this a better free sample spot.

What's with the product reviews?

When I get free samples of some items I may choose to do a review of the item. This is especially true if I either loved, loved, loved the item or if I hated it with a burning passion. I may do some in betweeners though, just to balance out the universe.

Be aware, sometimes I may be asked to do reviews of products in exchange for free items for me. If this happens I'll try to make it clear, but remember, I will never give a fake review just to earn some cash. Also, I may do this as a precursor to giveaways that I am going to do. Exciting, right?