UHU Twist and Glue Magnets

I recently received a free sample of UHU Twist and Glue from the people of the Official UHU Glue Crafting and Project Blog. They asked me to do a blog post and tell what I thought about the glue so here are my thoughts after I made some of some really cute magnets.

It's a flattened gem with a picture or something else glued to one side and a magnet glued to the other side of the picture. My favorite is a Batman symbol one I made. It's hard to see it because of the glare from the light, but you get the idea.

But that's not what this is about. This is about the UHU Twist and Glue.


  • Really strong, as in it will hold anything. I mean anything. I wanted to see how strong it was so one of my magnets is actually a penny glued into the gem with a magnet glued to the back of it. It held up no problem. I used a quarter too, though I pulled that apart afterward, because I wanted my quarter back. It also held together though and took a bit of prying to make release.
  • I love the way it converts from a drop of glue to spreading the glue depending on how you twist it. It makes this Twist and Glue very versatile.

  • Cons:

  • Takes a long time to dry. I had to glue the items and leave them sitting for a pretty long time, maybe half an hour to an hour, before I could then glue on the magnet and wait another half hour for it to finish.

  • Do you want a sample of UHU glue? Every month the makers of this blog send 15 free samples on a first come, first serve basis if you agree to do a blog post like this about what you thought about the product. Just remember to tell them when your blog post is done. It's very little work for a really great product.