RSS Free Sample Packs is a site I discovered a few weeks ago. It's a shopping website and the best description of it I can come up with is meets will not only let you place orders (on which you always get free shipping) but will clip all the coupons available for you and apply them automatically.

It also keeps track of when you need to reorder items and compares your budget stats to previous orders you have placed. All in all, as a college student without a car, I am worshipping this website.

But now Alice is sweetening the deal. They are going to add a freebie bag to select orders. This can contain product samples or small prizes. How awesome does that goodie bag sound? It almost makes me wish I'd waited to order until today. But I'm sure I'll need some more things soon.

So sign up with today and take advantage of the free coupons, the reorder tracking, all the other amazing features and NOW the amazing goodie bags! Sign up is free.