Free Snuggie!

Do you want a free Snuggie?! We've all seen the stupid and horrible commercials about them, but really, can you say you aren't at least a little interested? Hurry, I'm not sure how long this offer will last.

You need to provide a phone number and someone will try to call you for a survey thing at some point(probably after delivery in about 6 weeks). But you do not have to take the call. But I mean, if they gave you a free Snuggie, what's a few minutes of your time, right?

This appears to be legit, but it is possible it is not. It appears to be a marketing company that would be paid by the manufacturer to conduct surveys on their products to see what the public really thinks, wants, etc. So a fre product would be necessary to sample it (samples don't work so well with things like this). I gave it a try. Worst case: I get some spam. Best case: I get a Snuggie and I can finally stop wondering why not just get a robe.