Paid to Go Green

After posting the offer for a free grocery tote, I ran across this really cool offer. Many stores are now ofering you a small amount of money or discounts for going green. I dug up a couple below:

Target- Buy a reusable bag from Target and they will give $0.05 off per bag you used each time you go shopping. It may not sound like much, but we frugalists know it adds up.

CVS- Buy a green tag ($1.00) for your own reusable bag and CVS will give you $1 ECB for every 4th visit.

Whole Foods- Bring any reusable grocery tote with you and you will receive between .05 and .10 cents per bag used. It varies by location.

Kroger- takes .03-.05 cents off per bag filled. Amount depends on your location.

Winco- You'll get .10 cents for every bag you use.

Fred Meyer- Get a $0.05 credit for every bag used.

If you ever needed a push to go green, is this good enough? Want some tips on getting those shopping totes for free? I've been posting some, so here's a recap:

Free red tote for midwestern residents

Union Pen gives free samples of grocery totes, pens and other items. Most important to you now, grocery totes.