Free $10 Restaurant Gift Cards

"The gift of giving lifts spirits, spreads joy, and strengthens communities. Feed It Forward provides you the opportunity to help give away up to $30 million in free restaurant gift certificates—over 30 days—and allows you to treat friends, family, and colleagues—anyone deserving—to savings on a great meal out. Best of all, it’s FREE to Give and FREE to Receive.

Through Feed It Forward™, you have the opportunity to give from the heart and enrich the lives of people around you through the gift of meals and memories. Give a free $10 Gift Certificate to 30 different people, everyday until Christmas. Simply choose whom to give to and we take care of the rest."

This is their Facebook page. It has all the information about how this is going to work on it. Visit daily to give three more gift cards.

You can use Facebook to send the code or you can provide e-mail IDs.