Free Sims 3 Mods

So I'm really really sick of EA's crap with this whole Sims 3 store. I would much prefer the Stuff Packs that they used before, because then I got a bigger bang for my buck. Some quick math on the Sims 3 Store revealed that what once cost $20 on a pack is now about $80. That's right, they are ripping you off, because they think they can.

Sure, the store is nice for those who just want a couple items here and there,but I'm not like that. I loved the packs and used almost everything in them if I bought them.

I do use the Exchange fairly frequently (the user generated form of the Sims 3 Store) because it'sfree and there are some unique color combos and patterns there, but really it's just the same old same.

Want some really unique content? Want stuff that no one else has? Ever wondered how someone got all those cool hairstyles you have never seen before? Check Mod the Sims for a bunch of really cool, user generated items. From hair, to makeup, to household items and even cute accessories; someone has probably made it, or will make it soon.

Follow the instructons exactly when installing custom content. Always back up your game in case a mod causes problems. Don't be a tester unless you are very experienced with computers and all that other good warning stuff.

Happy Simming!