Mail Items for Free

Do you send a lot of letters out to your friends and family? Do you want to send more snail mail letters to your friends and family, but just think the cost of postage is getting outrageous? I hear you there. My dad keeps asking for photos of me and I always hem and haw about getting them to him because I hate spending the money just to send a photo!

Have no fear! There's a new company in the works that is going to give you the chance to send mail for free! It's all based around envelope advertising. Advertisers have envelopes printed up with their company information on them and you can request up to five of these envelopes per week. The postage on these envelopes is already paid by the advertiser!

Just be sure to tell your family that you're going to be using advertising type envelopes so that your letters don't get chucked into the garbage as spam.

If you're interested in sending mail for free in exchange for doing a little advertising, sign up for FreeMailPost.