My Twitter Account!

So, after much hemming, hawing, excuses and just not having time, I finally created a Twitter account for this blog! So hook up and follow me at FreeStuffinMail.

You may be asking yourself why you would bother to follow me on Twitter. I mean, I do keep pretty well updated here, don't I? Of course I do!

But there are some freebies I don't bother posting about on here because they'd just take way too long for me to explain. Other times it's pure lazyness. It can take a lot of energy to make a post here! Okay not really, that's me makng excuses again.

But really, there will be a lot of things on there that you won't find anywhere on this blog. Whether I'm retweeting someone else who has great offers or whether I'm posting about something I don't bother mentioning on this blog, you'll be in for quite a few extra Tweets.

And I don't spam so don't worry about flooding your board.