Free VCF birth control

Get a free sample of Vaginal Contraceptive Film. They claim you can't feel it and that it works great. This is basically a film of spermacide that dissolves when inserted. You will get three individually sealed films right to your mailbox in a discreet envelope.

To be a little candid, and stop reading if you're offended by this type of stuff, I used to use these. They are squares that you need to fold in half (I had to fold them into a fourth to get them to fit) and insert. Tey are so uncomfortable. Upon folding the edges get a bit sharp, they get sticky, they smell and taste awful. You also have to wait 15 mins or more for them to dissolve before getting intimate.

I also want to remind everyone who uses spermacide, please use it in conjunction with a condom as these films do not protect against STDs and have a lower success rate at preventing pregnancy - some sources say as low as 70%. If you are in a committed relationship and don't 'need' condoms then please use with another form of oral birth control.