Paid to Lose Weight

I recently signed up for which allows you to earn points for doing various things on the site. This is the daily point break down for a free account.

Update Weight: 10 pts
Update Food: 30 pts
Update Exercise: 10 pts
Login: 50 pts

You can also earn points for uploading up to five photos (100 pts per photo, up to 500 pts). And you can earn points for inviting your friends (500 pts per friend who joins). So if you're interested in joining and I got you interested, why don't you e-mail me: asking for an invite. I'll send one. It's small things like that that help me keep running this blog after all.

If you reach 50,000 points in the first 3 months then you'll receive $50 in the for of a gift card of your choice or as a check.

The site is set up as a dating site as well. That kind of put me off a little bit, but once I navigated it for a bit I realized there are really a lot of things to help you and encourage you with your weightloss journey.