Anything You Want for Free!

I just found a site called You can either give away your old, unused items for free or you can get other people's unused items for free. Everything is traded through 'points'.

You gain 100 points automatically for signing up and an extra 100 points if you link up to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

And if you use this link you'll get an additional 50 points when you list your first item. May I suggest craft items, handmade jewelry, an unwanted book or CD or something else you wouldn't mind parting with? It's definitely worth it to trade an unwated item for 50 points plus whatever you win from it.

A lot of things can be 'bought' with that first 250 points. And you'll get more points if you ever decide to trade off your old items. You win whatever the highest bid on the item is.

I'll be using this to get some new books and some video games.