Coloring Craft Kit Free

Get a free coloring kit on Bidding on it will be ending in just a couple hours so you'd better jump on this while it's still available. The coloring kit includes 2 packs of twist-up crayons, paintastics, metallic colored markers and a ziploc bag of gel pens and colored pencils. Who doesn't want that much great coloring stuff? Any kid, or the kid at heart, would love to get a kit like this.

Shipping on the coloring kit is free if bids get to 150+ credits. Just by signing up and linking to Facebook and Twitter you get 200 credits!

On a side note, my spring break is over. My how time flies. I don't think I accomplished much of anything at all and yet I still couldn't keep up with all that needed/needs done. I'll be back to posting regularly here though.