Dr. Scholl's Insert for Her

Do your feet need help? If you walk around in high heels or even just uncomfortable shoes - and really, how many of those pretty girly shoes are comfortable? - then your feet are probably aching. Make your feet thank you with this promotional freebie of Dr. Scholl's for Her inserts. Just become a fan on Facebook and fill in the form under "Free Insole".

Oddly, this comes with only one insole, not a box of them with two insoles. Guess only one of your feet will be thanking you.

"When taking the Dr. Scholl's® For Her Challenge, remember you're only getting one insole so that you can really feel the difference it makes in your shoes. We don't recommend wearing only one insole for an extended period of time. You have 2 feet! So after you try one, and we know you're going to love it, go out and buy a pair and treat BOTH of your feet!"

I had my boyfriend order one and hopefully we won't end up with two left feet.