Perdue Chicken Promotional Freebie Review

I received some coupons for free Perdue, all-white chicken nuggets from a promotional freebie on last week. After a bit o searching I discovered Perdue brand chicken is only sold on the East coast. It is only sold as far West as St. Louis, Missouri.

Seeing as I’m back in Missouri, I have no way of using these coupons, so I send them to a friend - Enjoy Diane!

So, other than being disappointed that a company would send promotional freebie material to people who don’t have access to their products, I thought I’d do a review of the Perdue products I did use in the past.

When I was attending college in Pennsylvania, Perdue was just about the only chicken brand I could buy. Boneless, skinless chicken breast was the main product I used and Perdue successfully put me off chicken for a full year.

There were chunks of bone in one chicken breast bones that were thankfully found while chopping it up, not while eating it. Another pack, one chicken had tons of blood tumors - I don’t know if that’s the accurate term, but they were just balls of hard flesh full of blood, that when sliced through gushed. I’m not squeamish about blood, but the meat I eat probably shouldn’t have tumors/cysts.

Needless to say, I’m a bit squeamish about Perdue products. The blue, plastic bags ending up sliced up in their chicken nuggets, prompting a recall in July 2010 doesn’t leave a stellar impression either - though that was probably just an employee who dropped a bag and didn’t want to get in trouble.

My rating, buy Perdue anything at your own risk.