Valentines Day Ideas for Couples

Gamestop wants to make your Valentines Day special and, being run and loved by geeks around the world, the perfect Valentines Day ideas for couples to them is a video game night.

I'm inclined to agree actually, and you can get 10% off your video game purchases from now until Valentines Day with a special coupon code.

Just type DATENIGHT into the coupon code section of your shopping card on

But wait, let's not just stop at 10% off. That's good, but we can do much better.

When you access the site through you get an additional 1.66% back on your order.

I just bought Mass Effect 2 (I know, I know it's old, but I really wanted the game, but was too afraid I wouldn't like it after paying full price) for less than $18.

What are you waiting for?! Start ordering, saving and take advantage of these perfect Valentines Day ideas for couples.