Free Green Crafts eBook

recycle crafts Free Green Crafts eBook: 42 Ways to Recycle with craft projects for paper, plastic, metal, glass and more. Save money, enjoy a favorite hobby and reduce your household waste with these green craft projects. Recycle old clothing and even light fixtures into functional and decorative items for the home. Turn 1-liter plastic bottles into Halloween Luminaries (pg. 46), junk mail into pretty Rolled Paper Beads (pg. 7) and old jeans into functional Potholders (pg. 80). These great Earth Day crafts will let you celebrate Earth Day on April 22 by using eco-friendly craft ideas at home, office or at school.

I'm personally a big fan of green crafts; I'm always recycling things that I've prevously used, including soda cans (want to learn about the art called tabistry. Check out this soda tab necklace). This ebook is a ton of fun with a lot of great ideas.