Mario Badescu Samples and Review

Did you ever get your Mario Badescu sample pack? If not, they are always giving them away. Just fill out your profile and wait.

I used my sample proucts - and the ones my dad got because he didn't like them - and I can say, I love Mario Badescu. Love, love, love. This is better than anything else I've ever felt on my skin. The shaving cream is my favorite; it was very gentle on the underarms and bikini area - no razor burn and no ingrown hairs later.

I'm also really fond of the strawberry face scrub and the healing and soothing mask. I'm going to be buying all three of those products for myself as soon as I run out of my current product - Mary Kay's combination/oil skin cleanser.

I found these videos though, and I thought I'd share them. This is how the Mario Badescu facials work so if you want to mimic them at home, you can. I will.

This video is actually my favorite and I think I am going to buy a few of those products to do an at-home spa care on myself.

The only thing that I was unhappy about with Mario Badescu is that they did not give a disount or anything else along with their samples. I would feel much more inclined to buy the products now if I had gotten some kind of coupon code with my sample pack.