RSS Scam

Sorry about posting about free Worldwinner money the other day. It turns out, this site is a giant scam. I won $27 and as soon as I withdrew my money my account was closed so they wouldn't have to pay me. There was absolutely no notification of this closing and I didn't know about it until I tried to log into my account.

Worldwinner returned the money I put in - they would have to or they could have suits filed against them. Now they just have to say they found some type of fraudulent activity on the account and that's it, no proof needed.

Worldwinner is a big SCAM! Steer clear!

I also won't get the BeRuby money because since Worldwinner is saying there was fraud on my account, they won't pay BeRuby for giving me an invitation.

Update: gave my account back along with an apology for the inconvenience. They claimed that since my address listed - my home address since I am graduating soon - did not match my debit card address - a card I got in college - that they suspected me of fraud. Nevermind that the account was hooked up to my Paypal which uses both addresses.

Of course, after giving back my account there were no winnings visible.

Only after I e-mailed again demanding that my winnings be returned was I given part of my rightly earned money. When I e-mailed to tell them they had not returned all of the money I had won, they asked for proof. I don't have any seeing as they closed my account and cleared all my activity.

I promptly withdrew the money they did return and it's now safely tucked away in my bank account. I will never touch again.

On top of scamming me out of some of my winnings, World Winner is also refusing to tell that I used their cookie to sign up for the site and play games.

So Worldwinner just saved a ton of money didn't they? They don't have to pay me all of my money and they don't have to pay BeRuby either. Wonderful world for scammers like